“Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close.” This promise of God is found in Psalm 27:10 (NLT). And it was proven true to the life of Elsie, 56, through Operation Blessing’s Medical Assistance program. 

Elsie was diagnosed to have Nephrolithiasis, a condition which causes severe pain in the abdomen and back. But due to financial difficulties, she couldn’t send herself to undergo CT scan, a procedure the physician prescribes her to undergo.  

In the darkest of nights, she felt alone and lonely. She thought, “Why do You (God) seem to have left me? I am all alone in this world. Is this how you felt on the cross?” 

With a shaky voice and tears in her eyes, she described that she prayed to the Lord this way: “I don’t have a father, I don’t have a mother, I am alone, and You’re the only one I can run to, Lord.” 

She learned about Operation Blessing through social media and requested help. Thankfully, through our Medical Assist program, she was eased of the financial burden. And not only that. She was also given medicines and a bag full of groceries. Our local church partner was also there to pray and minister to her. 

With a heart overflowing with thanks, she said, “I am just so happy because God once again proved to me that He loves me, that I am His child. Thank You Abba Father. Thank You God! I really feel right now that I am not alone. Now I somehow understand Jesus’ suffering on the cross. And now when I see people suffering and in pain, I have compassion for them. I hope that God will also bless me so I can help them and be a blessing to them, especially when I saw so many sick people in the hospital. Sometimes God allows us to go through trials like these to display His power. Thank You Lord. Thank You Jesus! I love You Lord! Thank you, Operation Blessing!”  


Truly, no one who calls and comes to the Lord is ever disappointed. He uses people, situations, and organizations like Operation Blessing to bring hope and remind them that they are not forgotten. And we are all part of it. To all our partners and donors, thank You so much for supporting us in this cause. We have once again extended God’s loving arms to someone in need. 

To Him be all the glory!  


For ways to help, donate at www.operationblessing.ph/give or call us at 09399215543.  

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