One of our beneficiaries in our medical mission in Macabebe, Pampanga last June 2 is Melita, 69 years old, and was seen to have fatty liver by her internist. 

“I have been suffering in this pain for a long time. The doctor told me to have my liver monitored through ultrasound every three months. I cannot afford to pay for it because I don’t have much money. In fact, my last ultrasound was already 6 months ago.” She had already skipped one schedule of her ultrasound. 

Melita’s means of livelihood is dressmaking from which she sometimes earns enough money to pay for her medical expenses. On other days, there are no orders. She also gets some support from her children. 

“When my neighbor told me that there is going to be a medical mission, I made sure to go so that I get to have ultrasound for free.” 

Thanks to RG Meditron, one of our partner companies, we were able to provide ultrasound to Melita and many other patients for free. They also provided ECG. The results were read by the doctors on site. 

Melita found out that her liver is now normal. Any pain she might feel might be caused by something else, and the doctor has advised her to have other lab tests for accurate diagnosis. She also received free medication. 

“Thank you so much, Operation Blessing! More power to all of you!” —Melita 

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