More than four years ago, Norie’s husband died due to complications from arthritis. Despite this, the 39-year-old mother of three showed strength, taking on the roles of both father and mother for her children. Her youngest, Shameber, was born with clubfoot, which presents its share of challenges.

“It pains me deeply to see my daughter unable to walk properly or wear footwear. How can this be? I’ve heard of surgeries, but the cost…” she trails off, weighed down by financial concerns.

Despite the challenges she faced, Norie’s determination to provide a better life for her children never wavered.

During the day, Norie works as a household helper for a family in Surigao del Norte. Unlike many helpers, Norie was fortunate enough to be able to return home every day rather than stay overnight. This allowed her to be there for her children, tending to their needs and providing them with the love and care they deserved.

Norie shared that Shameber often faced taunts and teasing from other children and neighbors because of her clubfoot. They cruelly referred to her as “conceived in crab” due to her condition. This broke Norie’s heart, but she remained determined to help Shameber overcome these challenges and lead a fulfilling life.

Hope arrived in Norie’s life through Operation Blessing’s Life-Changing Surgery Project.

Operation Blessing, in partnership with Tebow-CURE Hospital, offered assistance to children like Shameber through the Ponseti method, a treatment to help correct her condition.

Weeks later, Norie saw the improvement and marveled at her daughter’s joy.

“I hang her pre-procedure picture in the living room, and people see it, noticing how crooked her feet were before. But now, when they see Shameber walking, they say, ‘Wow, her feet look so much better!’”, she said.

“I’m thankful to God, to Operation Blessing, and to Tebow-CURE for helping treat my daughter’s condition. I thought there was no hope, but things got better. It’s a reminder that there’s always hope, even in tough situations,” Norie added.