At only 26, Paolo Olores’ journey through life had been a rough one, marked by hardship and resilience. 

 His early years were spent navigating the harsh realities of street life alongside his family. His mother toiled as a garbage collector, while he and his brother would join other street children to sell cigarettes, beg, and incite riots until the local social welfare and development unit intervened and took custody of him and his brother. 

 It was at that DSWD Youth Home that Paolo first encountered God through weekly Bible study sessions. Eventually, as they grew older, they were released and reunited with their mother. Though their circumstances remained challenging, hope arrived when Paolo was offered a job as a street guard by the Youth Home staff who had recognized his potential. 

With his newfound employment, Paolo earned a modest income, which enabled him to move his family out of the junk shop they had called home. It was a small victory, but one that fueled Paolo’s determination to carve out a better life for himself and his loved ones. 

But fate wasn’t finished with Paolo yet. Through the support of Operation Blessing’s Bridge of Hope Project, Paolo was given the opportunity to start a small business through the provision of a livelihood package for street food vending. This initiative equipped him with the necessary tools and resources to not only survive but also thrive. 

“Thank you so much, Operation Blessing, and to God, for all the help you’ve given me and my family. Because of this, my family and I will have a better life,” he said. 

Today, Paolo stands tall, no longer bound by the limitations of his past. With a determined spirit and a grateful heart, he’s using his skills to build a brighter future.