Written By Femina Laya Canua, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

1-2Gary Nase, 45, still remembers how he lost his eyesight one morning when he woke up 20 years ago.

In Tondo, Manila, Gary lives alone with his pet dog. His siblings already have their own families. Gary stopped schooling after Grade 5 and found his own means to help his family with their daily expenses. Since then, he accepted different jobs – may it be being a construction site helper or a welder, or sometimes, all-around.

Gary’s everyday life was just between home and work. Because he does not have any other activities or recreation, Gary engages himself to work from morning until evening. Because of this, most of the time he disregarded concerns with his health.

Until one morning in 1997, Gary woke up without any vision. He did not even have any idea that he just lost his eyesight forever. Gary immediately called his mother to tell her what happened. His situation was also reported to his employer. Right away, his employer took Gary to an ophthalmologist for a checkup and later went home with sad news.

Months after he lost his vision, Gary had a hard time living normally with this condition. He even admitted that his blindness affected his attitude toward other people, and also to himself. But Gary realized that he should stand up over his difficulties.

Two years after, with the encouragement of his friends and family, he enrolled in a training center for differently-abled persons. There, they were taught how to cope up with their condition, such as using a cane when traveling. He also learned massage therapy, which he uses now to earn money for a living.

In 2006, Gary used to have massage services in Paskong Pasiklab (an amusement park in Manila that opens during Christmas). When he came home, he found out that his house was already eaten by fire. Gary, who does not have any idea how to start again, just continued living normally. His work helped him to start over again.

Through a friend, Operation Blessing knew about the story of Gary. And also, with the help of our generous supporters, we are able to give Gary his first cane in 20 years. He only uses a PVC tube when traveling, now he can go to many places without any hassle.

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