Written by Femina Laya G. Canua, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

As soon as the boat lands on the shore of Barangay Gamao, there is a man in blue, with gold necklaces and bracelets around his neck and arms, who welcomed the Medical Mission team with his biggest smile.

The man in blue was known as Kap Boy to many, and Barangay Gamao Chief Ponciano Datinguinoo in real life. During his younger years, Kap Boy used to walk to school for about an hour.  Kap Boy knew how hard it is growing up in a family of 14 people, with his mother as a farmer and his father as a fisherman.


Kap Boy shakes hand with the Operation Blessing staff and volunteers.

From sea to land

Then his father died. To sustain their needs, they have to help their mother in the field. And among the 12 siblings, Kap Boy was one of three who graduated from college.

For years, he worked on a ship as a chief cook. But at the age of 51, Kap Boy quit his job and returned to the small island of Tingloy and saw the needs of his hometown. Kap Boy ran for Barangay Chief and eventually won.


Kap Boy warmly welcomed Operation Blessing in his humble office.

When he assumed office, Kap Boy told Operation Blessing, he witnessed how his barangay had zero balance in the budget. The Barangay Chief worked hard for his advocacy, which is transparency.

Seeing the needs of his people

For Kap Boy, to see his constituents living a quality life, free of criminality and of sickness, is the highest reward he can give to himself before his term ends.

Tingloy Island of Batangas, a fifth-class municipality, has no doctor stationed to check on people. Most of the time, the residents rely on quack doctors or faith healers. Though there are barangay health workers, the need for proper health care is still prevalent.


A long queue of people at the registration area for the medical and dental mission of Operation Blessing Philippines, in partnership with Good Neighbors Int’l.

Kap Boy has never forgotten the day when a boat from their island sank and they cannot help but watch the people suffered because they lacked first aid kits and sufficient medical tools and equipment.

“A wheelchair would be a great help for us in transporting persons with disabilities from here to the hospital in the main city,” the barangay captain said. He continued, “We also need a help for oxygen tanks.”

When help reached the island

With the help of Good Neighbors International, an NGO helping the poor communities, Operation Blessing was able to reach Tingloy Island. The chief cannot hide his gratitude and joy after seeing his people being served with quality healthcare during the medical mission.



Kap Boy also wait for his turn at the medical mission site.

“We only receive 15,000 pesos for medicines yearly, that is why we are so thankful for the help you gave us,” an all-smiled Kap Boy said.

Kap Boy knew how hard it is to live on almost nothing or with everything, and he was just giving back all the favor he received.

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