MABALACAT, PAMPANGA — The residents of Pulang Lupa can finally quench their thirst for safe and potable water as Operation Blessing (OB) recently dedicated a deep well in their community.

For years, Kapampangans and indigenous Aetas in Pulang Lupa are getting their water supply from a stream half an hour away from their village on foot. But when the stream became polluted and now unsuitable for drinking, the locals had to buy water from neighboring barangays—another expense to their growing needs. 042512-Philip-Salvador-Pampanga_0458-201x300

The residents were surprised when Phillip Salvador joined OB in dedicating the new deep well for Pulang Lupa. The multi-awarded actor also spent time with the children, giving them snacks, toys, and books for the young ones to enjoy.

Phillip also took the opportunity to share how he encountered the Lord through a miracle. His youngest son Philip Israel Christian had a terminal disease, and though doctors gave up on his hopeless condition, Ipe testified about how God gave his son a second life.

“I never lost hope in God. Only He can turn around the condition of my son,” he said.

Ipe was not done just yet. He visited Roy, a stroke patient who lost all his motor skills. Though he’s unable to speak, the smile on his cheerful face expressed more gratefulness than words could. Phillip prayed for Roy’s fast recovery, while Operation Blessing provided him with the medications he needs.

Like Phillip, you, too, can be part of Operation Blessing’s mission to transform lives—one person, one community at a time. To learn how, watch The 700 Club Asia’s live TV special Tulong Mo, Pag-asa Ko from May 7 to 11, Monday to Friday, 11 p.m. on GMA News TV, or via live streaming at | contributed by Geinah Constantino