Margarita, 38, thought that John Whei and Christine Joy were just kids suffering from symptoms of any ordinary sickness, like a common cold, but this was not the case. John Whei, 4, is malnourished and Christine Joy, 6, is suffering from Urinary Tract Infection. Margarita was alarmed by the findings when she had her kids checked by volunteer doctors at an Operation Blessing Medical Mission in her community.

From Left: John Whei and Christine Joy Andes were malnourished kids from Norzagaray, Bulacan.

With six children to care for, Margarita does her best to make do with the measly P1,500.00 ($30) weekly income her husband earns from quarrying. It is hardly ever enough to meet the family’s needs, let alone buy medicine for her two sick children. Thankfully, through the OB medical mission, Margarita’s kids were provided free consultation, medicine, and even vitamins to help treat John Whei and Christine Joy.

John Whei and Christine Joy were also selected to be part of the Bless-A-Child project. To help treat them out of malnutrition, they went through ten-month feeding of nutritious meals. During the duration of the project, their parents also underwent values formation and parenting seminars.

Margarita poses with her children Christine Joy and John Whei.

The joy that Margarita felt after she witnessed the changes in her kids was overwhelming. John Whei has developed a healthy appetite and has become more lively around the house. Christine Joy is also healthier and is more active and participative in school activities. Christine is excelling in her academic subjects, which has made John Whei excited to go to school soon too!

John Whei is excited to go to school; Christine Joy is doing better at school.

Margarita is grateful that her kids were selected to be a part of Bless-A-Child. She says, “Thank you because your presence here in this community is a big blessing for us.

Your generous donations are truly a big help for kids like John Whei and Christine Joy. As you continue your giving, you help us in feeding more and more at-risk children.