Several years ago, a great trial tested Edwin, Liza, and their young child, Ejay. At a young age of 2, Ejay had a high fever that progressed into a convulsion. Liza only found herself staring at Ejay in a comatose condition in the hospital.

Life in Jose Panganiban

Most of the people in Jose Panganiban live by engaging in mining activities.

Every day, early in the morning, Liza does all house chores like cooking food while her husband works hard as a gold panner. Liza makes sure everything is done before Ejay wakes up.

Liza used to sell live chicken before, and save some money before Ejay has gotten ill. But she needed to stop her business to give her full attention to Ejay. Edwin and Liza have tried hard to provide for their son’s regular medical checkup, but their meager income is almost always not adequate or just enough for their daily needs.

Ejay Became Part of BAC

At age 5, Ejay cannot walk or stand yet on his own. He cannot even talk but can only make sounds and noises; he has a thin, frail body and his skin is dry – these are sure signs of malnutrition according to the town doctor.

With this, Operation Blessing selected Ejay to become part of the Bless-A-Child Project. Each day for 10 months, Liza carried Ejay through rough roads to get to the feeding area. Although it costs Liza more strength, more work, and more courage every time she crosses the river while carrying Ejay, she is very hopeful that her son’s and their family’s situation will improve because of the project.

Through 10 months

As part of the program, Ejay was regularly checked for his medical condition. Throughout the 10 months of daily feeding, he was able to gain weight and improve his nutritional status.

To further help Ejay, he underwent a special medical treatment and therapy each week with the help of OB partner doctors and the local government in Daet. Liza admitted that she was initially anxious about Ejay but was surprised when she noticed the improvements in Ejay.

Moreover, Liza also received free seminars on health education, biblical parenting, livelihood skills training, and financial breakthrough.

Through the encouragement of the local church coordinators, Liza accepted the start-up capital to continue her live chicken business. Although hesitant at first, she never thought she can do better. She was even able to return the capital to benefit other families.

Better than before

From her earnings, Liza learned basic financial management from the Bayanihan Savings Program. She also gained new friends in the BAC feeding area. She also learned how to express her emotions and feelings that can help her cope up with her daily struggles in life.

The local coordinators can testify how Liza and Ejay have been transformed by the program. Liza’s big smile shows how grateful she is now that there are people whom she can turn to or who can pray for her and her son Ejay at any time.

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