When Typhoon Ambo hit Eastern Samar, many houses were destroyed. It left most of the residents with no shelter, food, clean water, and even electricity. Amid the pandemic, Operation Blessing Disaster Response team bravely extended help to our kababayans bearing the brunt of the Typhoon Ambo.

On their way to one of the hardly hit areas in San Policarpo, Eastern Samar, there were banners along the road, placards with “We need help, we need food” cries for assistance.

People in some areas didn’t receive help immediately. Some made do of wet “palay” (unhusked rice) due to heavy rains and strong winds that battered their fields; and many families we ecstatic to hear that help has finally reached their place.

Among the beneficiaries was Lolita Orque, a 66-year old single parent, saying she received more than what she expected. “I thought it was just a typical relief giving but to my surprise, I felt different when I heard the word of God, because it gives us hope,” shares Lolita.

She was a single mother, while also taking care of her grandchildren. Three days after the onslaught of the typhoon, she met a motorcycle accident that made it difficult for her to walk. Determined to receive the food bags, she endured the pain and went to the distribution site, with the high hopes of receiving something to feed her grandchildren. Upon receiving the food bags, Lola told said, “this relief pack is a huge help for me and my grandchildren.

“I am thankful because there are people like you who help us by giving us food to put on our table especially in our situation right now where it is difficult to work. Considering that I am now a senior citizen, it is rather hard, given that I am the only one who takes care of my grandchildren,” she added.

Aside from the food packs, the most important relief she received was the comfort from word of God. She was able to unload her burdens and receive healing from the pain caused by the accident.

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