“I am so happy that I can see clearly now! I used to be worried when driving at night because of my blurred vision caused by cataract. But now, after my surgery and after giving it some time to heal, I can drive confidently.” —Rolex Escal, pastor and beneficiary

operation blessing Philippines Rolex escalated

Rolex, 57, is a missionary pastor who gets assigned to different cities, which is why driving is essential to accomplish his tasks. But since his vision started to become blurry in 2017, he had difficulties driving around. He had to ask for assistance from helpers as his vision worsened.

Aside from being nervous about undergoing an operation, it took him years to finally decide to undergo a cataract surgery primarily because of lack of funds. Rolex lost his job during the pandemic. His wife, an online seller, makes just enough to cover their daily needs.

As his eye condition was getting worse, he was prompted to ask for help from different agencies. Thankfully, Operation Blessing was able to accommodate his request through the partnership of its volunteer eye doctor. He had his cataract surgery free of charge.

Rolex now has fresh eyes to see the world and drive around. Thank you so much to all of our HEALTHCARE supporters for making another life-changing surgery possible.