Written by Rheamy Gula, volunteer writer and nurse

It is really true and proven that miracles do happen everywhere. There is neither a specific time nor specific date, nor specific month or year, but for Aiza, it really happens.

As a first time volunteer of Operation Blessing, I have met a lot of people with disability throughout the whole week of mission. But in Davao Oriental, there is a girl that really touched my heart and my soul.

Aiza greeted Operation Blessing Philippines with her big smile.

Meet Aiza Datu. This 11-year-old girl is the eldest child in a family of four. Her mother stays at home to tend to her and their house. Her father works in a rice field, where he earns every three months from the harvest.

Aiza is a happy girl. Behind her genuine wide smile, she is suffering from hydrocephalus and bilateral clubfoot. I was inspired to write her story not just for compliance, but also to share how she inspired me to be more grateful for what I have each day.

Aiza was lying on her bed listening to music when OB Phil came.

On the day we came to their house for a visit, Aiza was lying on her bed listening to music. She was very happy to see new faces visiting them. Her heart jumped even more with happiness when people she did not know had very big news for her – a new wheelchair.

“I am only imagining this,” said Aiza who was looking intently to the wheelchair while we were transferring her.

Big smiles were showed on everyone’s face when Aiza received her new wheelchair.

“Thank you very much for all your help,” said her crying mother. The happiness from that moment flowed to each of us seeing the gratefulness of everyone, especially the young girl and her mother.

Aiza’s dream is to be a teacher. Her parents used to carry her to school but not until she got heavy while growing up. She only made it to the first grade. But the young girl is still very optimistic that she will reach her dreams, especially that she now has a new wheelchair.

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