At the age of 24, Jessa Bitua had already faced her fair share of challenges. Her husband, Alex, is a 33-year-old fisherman, and together, they had a son named Vincent, who was born with a cleft palate and had experienced malnourishment early in his life.

Jessa, a high school graduate residing in Brgy. Campamanog, CP Garcia, Bohol, found herself as a beneficiary of Operation Blessing’s Medical Brigade. Transported to the site by her devoted husband, Jessa was determined to take advantage of the free medical care she heard will be offered.

She had been experiencing joint pain since November 2022, but it was not until open wounds appeared that she became deeply concerned.

Despite her worries, visiting a hospital was not a feasible option for Jessa. The distance from their house to the hospital, coupled with the financial burden of medical fees, prevented her from seeking the necessary medical assistance.

When checked up at the site, the volunteer doctor said Jessa suffers from septic arthritis. Her elbow and heel were affected by painful wounds that require immediate attention. The nurse on site diligently cleaned her wounds and provided her with essential vitamins, pain relievers, and antibiotics to alleviate her suffering.

Jessa’s mobility was severely impacted by her condition, causing her great difficulty in moving around. With each passing day, her movements became more restricted, forcing her to hop instead of walk. The challenges she faced daily weighed heavily on her, both physically and emotionally.

In the midst of these trials, Jessa’s heart was filled with profound gratitude towards the Operation Blessing team. Their presence and dedicated care brought her hope, reminding her that she was not alone in her struggles.

“Thank you. I am happy and grateful for the help I received. I will not forget Operation Blessing.”

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