At 58 years old, Angelita Cadirao leads a modest life, sharing a home with her brother and his child. With no husband or children of her own, Angelita spends her days tending to crops and cultivating vegetables, supplementing her income by accepting laundry jobs when they arise.

Despite her hard work, her family continues to face financial hardships.

For several days, Angelita experienced concerning symptoms that disrupted her daily routine. Persistent coughing, accompanied by difficulty in breathing and a sense of weakness, had plagued her for a week.

When Operation Blessing’s Medical Brigade arrived in Bohol, she seized the opportunity to seek help.

Angelita was examined by a volunteer doctor who inquired about her symptoms. She shared her struggles, revealing her long-standing battle with asthma. With a family history of the condition, her respiratory health had always been a concern.

Angelita was prescribed salbutamol and an antibiotic by the volunteer doctor. Additionally, she underwent nebulization right there at the site, which provided much-needed relief to her wheezing chest. Angelita admitted that it had been over two years since her last check-up, as the cost and distance of visiting another town had been prohibitive.

Grateful for the medications she had received, Angelita has this to say to the volunteers: “Thank you very much, Operation Blessing, and all the doctors who gave time to come visit our humble town. It means a lot to me.”

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our dedicated volunteers and individual donor, Ms. Jade Bautista, individuals like Angelita found relief from their health struggles. Their gratitude knew no bounds, as they knew they were not alone in their journey towards better health and well-being.

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