Written By Femina Laya Canua, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Marjun_1He always wanted to wear shoes.

For 17 years, Marjun B. Gadi never tried to wear shoes because of his condition. In the history of their family, he said that he is the only one born with club feet, a congenital deformity where the foot or feet are rotated internally at the ankle.

Asked how it feels living with this, timid Marjun just smiled and uttered, “Okay lang, tanggap ko naman dati pa (It’s okay, I have already accepted it).”

Marjun is the youngest of four siblings and lives with his father who is a bike and motor mechanic in Tacloban City, while his mother is in Quezon City as a housekeeper.

Since his elementary years, Marjun had endured awful, hurtful, and intimidating words. He can never forget having fights with his classmates who taunt him because of his disability.

Throughout the years, Marjun still tried to live a normal life and to act as a normal teenager. He loves playing billiards, basketball, and hanging out with his friends, but cannot do so for long hours because his feet begin to hurt.

He narrated that when his mother gave birth to him, the doctors were surprised when his arms came out first instead of his head. They were even more surprised to find out that he had club feet.

While struggling to cope with his condition, Marjun said that his parents had tried to look for ways to correct his feet but found none.


Marjun B. Gadi poses with PAAC volunteer orthopedic surgeon Dr. Axtmayer after his club feet surgery.

But Marjun did not know that his life will change forever when their church pastor handed them a small piece of paper containing the list of requirements for a medical mission. This mission is the Cebu Medical Mission 2016 conducted by Operation Blessing Philippines in partnership with the Philippine-American Association in Connecticut (PAAC) and Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC). Later on, he was qualified and was prompted to go to Cebu.

For 17 years, Marjun did not expect that he would be given a life-changing surgery. All his life, he accepted his condition and never foresaw himself walking the normal way. But on March 14, 2016, his plans, his activities, and his life were changed forever.

Marjun can now wear shoes.

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