Written By Lily Mae Quilbo, Visayas Children’s Program Coordinator

On the 12th day of February 2010 Salvacion Evite gave birth to a lovely little boy named John Paul. Just like other children, he grew up with a simple life in their humble house in Brgy. Mantang, Taft, Eastern Samar.

However while growing up, his parents noticed that he started becoming weak and thin. He also usually gets fever, and productive cough and colds every month. Although this became alarming for John Paul’s parents, poverty is a big hindrance for them that proper medication and health, even proper food, are not in their priority list.

In 2014, Typhoon Ruby struck down their place and left many households devastated. Even the farm of the Eviste family, which was their primary source of food and income, was greatly damaged. So in order to continue providing for his family, John Paul’s father, Rodolfo, go on fishing three times a week with his wife who constantly has high blood pressure.

During the medical mission and relief distribution of Operation Blessing, days after typhoon Ruby hit their place, John Paul was one of the children of Brgy. Mantang who were identified as third degree malnourished. John Paul’s mother, Salvacion, admitted that improper and unhealthy food intake is the main problem because canned goods or noodles are prepared on their table most of the time. John Paul found junk foods more fun to eat than vegetables and fruits. After assessments he was enrolled to the Bless-A-Child program of Operation Blessing.

Kopya ng 20151222_150458After a year of supporting the children of Barangay Mantang with proper feeding, John Paul got the highest weight gain up to 20 kilograms from 13 kilograms. More so, the family was very thankful because the proposed livelihood for them was granted. They were given fish vending materials and fish worth Php 2, 400.00 ($51.86) as their start-up capital. Currently, they can earn as much as Php 300.00 ($6.48) per day and unlike before, they do not have to stay all day at the sea just to earn this money. They now have more time with their children and Salvacion was able to take care of them especially with their studies. John Paul is already 6 years old and was awarded as 2nd Honor in pre-school during their recognition day last March 25, 2016.

The Evite family is very much grateful for the blessings they have received.  Physically, their son has been well and seldom gets sick therefore he can attend classes every day and even excel in the class. With their economic condition, they now have a sustainable livelihood. Also, through the Bayanihan Savings Program, they were taught how to save and help others in need through the return of investment (ROI).

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