Written by Frederick Deserva, writer and photographer

boat on floods; water level is high

When torrential rains caused flooding in the town of Licab, Nueva Ecija, Joel and his family quickly found themselves in a desperate situation. Their barangay was cut off from aid as the main road got flooded, blocking vehicles from entry.

man on his boat

“The first thing I did was to evacuate my family, the flood almost reached our window, and the waves and strong winds almost destroyed our wall. We were isolated, the roads were submerged in almost an 8-feet flood,” Joel narrated in vernacular.

Joel Amaga, provides for his children by driving tricycle in the community while his wife, Rita, plants vegetables.  Since the flood arose, his wife’s farm land got submerged and he is now trying to meet the needs of his family through fishing. But then, his earnings are not enough for them and he was running out of food for his family.

Then the Operation Blessing (OB) disaster team arrived in the community, bringing what the villagers needed most – relief. With OB’s relief goods that consists of rice, canned goods, and others, Joel was thankful because they will be able to eat.

“Thank you, Operation Blessing, thank you so much. You are the first one who came here in our community to deliver the relief goods right at our doorsteps.” Joel said.

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