Evelyn Payunga, 59, came to the Operation Blessing medical mission complaining an inflammation on her breast. It was perfect timing because had it not been checked that time, it could worsen. 

According to her, it started with an itch. The itch became intense, she scratched it, and then it bled. Now a week later, that part of her breast is sore. 

Evelyn has no job; she just gets little support from her children. Knowing that going to the health center for checkup and medicines would be costly, she put it off. She did not want to add to the financial burden of her children.  

When it was her turn, our doctor examined her and observed that it is not something to ignore. The infection was growing. The doctor cleaned the area by extracting pus. “It was painful,” Evelyn said. 

“It is my first time to join a medical mission. I am relieved that finally, I had a checkup, and the doctor also cleaned my wound,” grateful Evelyn said. 

With the medicine given to her, the wound should heal in 10 days (about 1 and a half weeks). If it does not, she was advised to undergo biopsy. But even with the possibility that it could be worse, Evelyn holds her cheerful disposition, trusting that God will take care of her. She adds, “I get my hope when I pray to God.” 

We pray and hope for the best for the best of health of all our patients. Like Evelyn, we have a lot more of our kababayans who do not have the means to get a checkup. Help us bring HEALTHCARE closer to them by supporting Operation Blessing missions! Go to www.operationblessing.ph for more information.