Written By Eva Niña P. Sta. Ana, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Parenting is one of the hardest roles in the world.

But for Luzviminda Dique, 52, and Rodel Dique, 50, raising their five children is something they consider pure joy and would not trade it for anything. For them, each day is a struggle but it is also a chance to serve and love their children more.

Of their five children, their eldest child Bryan is special, having been diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of eight. Nanay Luzviminda admitted she questioned the Lord of Bryan’s condition then and feared about having another child again. But this did not stop the couple from loving Bryan the best way they could.


Tatay Rodel patiently carries Bryan while waiting for his turn at the medical mission.

Tatay Rodel works as a fisherman earning Php 150 a day. Being the only provider of the family, he needs to work harder but always makes sure he would still have time to personally take care of Bryan, who is now 24 years old.



Tatay Rodel listens to the advise of a volunteer doctor about the condition of Bryan.

Operation Blessing Philippines met the Dique family during the Bolinao medical mission. The family, especially Tatay Rodel, did not mind the difficulty of carrying Bryan because they wanted to help him with his condition.

Thankfully, the Diques were one of the beneficiaries of OB’s free wheelchair from Free Wheelchair Mission. Upon receiving the wheelchair, Bryan was all smiles and Tatay Rodel teared up with joy for his son, saying that he would bring Bryan outside more often.

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