The past couple of months left Soledad Gogolin, 76, in visual difficulty as she struggled going through her daily routine. Both her eyes were affected with cataract, a clouding of the lens of the eye which impairs her vision. If it progresses, her future is unclear.

Through Operation Blessing’s Life Changing Surgery project, she was able to avail of a generous donor-supported eye surgery she needed. She underwent two separate elective eye surgeries, one for each eye, to remove the cataract.

Following her first surgery, Soledad has expressed her gratitude to the Lord for hearing his children’s prayer and not turning a blind eye to their needs. Likewise, her second surgery filled her with much hope as she described the colors she sees are much more vivid and clear. “Blue is more vivid than before,” she defined.

Soledad is now able to move around the house and perform some household tasks like hanging clothes properly which she previously thought was up but was falling off the line, sweeping the yard in the morning and threading the needle which she wasn’t able to. Prior to her surgery, she used to read with difficulty but now she can see clearly but still needs to use glasses for reading small print.

Although her second surgery which lasted twenty minutes took longer than the first one, she did not feel unease as she had experienced it already. Her hope to see more clearly and continue to fulfill her duties well as a mother to her children secures a bright future ahead of her.

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(Story by Jen Alonsozana)