High-impact military explosives destroyed hospitals, city buildings, houses, and other structures during the Marawi crisis. It has resulted in billions of peso in damages. Damages caused thousands of lives to fall ill, or worst, to die.

Emalyn, 37, was caught in the middle of the war in Kampo Ranaw, Marawi City. She was with her husband and two very young children – 1 and 3 years old.

Emalyn looked sad and in shocked when we met her at Maria Cristina Gym for the feeding of families.

In the middle of the siege, in Marawi, Emalyn and her husband decided to leave their house when they were rescued by the military troops. During that time, her 1-year old child was experiencing symptoms of diarrhea and later on died of it. Emalyn could not bring her child to the doctor neither was she able to give any medicine to prevent her child from dying. Then, they were just thinking of their safety from the violent war.

marawi crisis

Emalyn undergoes trauma counseling.

In Maria Cristina, Balo-i, Emalyn temporarily stayed with her sibling’s house and there they buried their youngest child. Emalyn, while still enduring the pain of losing a child, was shocked when her husband left her the day after they have relocated. Devastated, but Emalyn did not disclose the reason of her spouse leaving them. She, instead, talked more about how she is trying to be stronger for her 3-year old child.

Emalyn was part of the Batch 2 of 100 families who went through Operation Blessing’s disaster response efforts. Her family received hot meals, and relief packs for five days. They even had undergone counseling sessions, in Maria Cristina, Balo-i. Even after five days, OB is still checking on the families to help them get through the trauma.

Emalyn would want her child to go to school and build a house of their own in Iligan, while the end of war in Marawi is still uncertain

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