Margaret (standing 3rd from right) fits a pair of slippers with her siblings at an Operation Blessing outreach in Sitio Kabuhuan, Brgy. Puray, Rodriguez, Rizal.

Margaret, 14 years of age, was walking when her slippers broke while she was on her way to school. Meanwhile at the school, ashamed of her broken footwear, she hid her feet and placed her slippers inside her bag. On her way home, she had no choice but to walk barefooted for an hour under the scorching heat of the sun.

For a time, this has been Margaret’s walk of life. But not only Margaret, her other siblings either have no slippers of their own or they just borrow from their neighbors.

Margaret’s pair of slippers. When it rains, Margaret’s feet hurt because of its prominent hole design.

Margaret’s mother died of giving birth to their youngest sibling, who also died months after their mother. Since then, Margaret’s father, Felix, has been taking care of his 7 young children. Even though Felix works double time and gives all his strength in carrying and selling sacks of charcoals, his meager income is only enough for their daily needs like food.

When they were able to have extra money, Felix bought Margaret a new pair of slippers. But it was the least expensive slippers in the market, that when it is raining, Margaret’s feet would hurt because of its prominent hole design.

Margaret (sitting 3rd from left) laughs with her siblings in their humble home. Here we see them with their new slippers. Thanks to our generous partners!

As Operation Blessing trek to their place at Sitio Kabuhuan, there were feeding program, Superbook screening, and slippers distribution. Thanks to Operation Blessing’s partners, Margaret and her 6 other siblings got their new slippers.

Thank you for my new slippers! It is now more comfortable to walk and go to school on it. My feet won’t hurt anymore,” Margaret happily shared.

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