Written and Photographed by Fred Deserva

Emilyo Calub works hard in the fields every day to provide for his family and to make ends meet. He grows and harvests corn and vegetables as a means of income, as well as a source of food for his family.

At 67-years old, Emilyo suffers from high blood pressure. A condition that requires regular medical attention and medicine.

“I am a farmer, and my income is only enough for our family’s everyday needs. And I cannot afford to prioritize my medicines,” Emilyo said.

There is a nearby medical clinic in his barangay that gives free medicine, but due to high demand, it’s always short of supply of the appropriate medicines, making it difficult to access the medications he needs.

“I only depend on the Barangay Health Center for my maintenance medicines. Now they do not have a stock. And because I was not able to take my medicines, I cannot work well,” Emilyo shared.

When an Operation Blessing Outreach Program arrived near his home in Decoliat, Aurora, his consultation with Operation Blessing medical volunteers solved the issues that have been a burden to him. They gave Emilyo proper medical assistance and the medicines he needs. He also received free eyeglasses.

“Thank you very much, Lord! He used you as an instrument to reach us here. You are truly a blessing to us, especially to me,” Emilyo said with a big smile.