Written by Jerryca Marie Dolon, CBN Asia writer

Five-year-old Lance, though active and sociable, is a 3rd degree malnourished child. He lives with his parents and three siblings in a humble home in Daet, Camarines Norte.

This was taken during the first house interview in 2016.

His father, Rolando, buys and refurbish broken appliances, where he gets a meager income. Her mother, Daisy, tends to their needs at home. Though they do not have everything, they want the best for their children.

While growing, Lance frequently gets sick. Last year, Operation Blessing (OB) selected him to become a part of the Bless-A-Child (BAC) Program. It is a 10-month program where malnourished children undergo feeding, regular check-up, medication and pre-school education through the day care center.

His favorite part of the program is feeding and he loves to eat monggo. He becomes excited every lunch time. Through the feeding, he is no longer picky and he learned to eat fruits and vegetables.

Other than the feeding, Lance’s parents received a livelihood assistance from OB. His father was given an appliance repair kit where they now get their regular income. To help with their finances, Daisy sells homemade laundry soap and fabric conditioner as part of the BAC group livelihood.

Furnitures made by Lance’s father.

Through the BAC, the parents also attended seminars conducted to help them become more engaged in parenting.

Today, Lance has changed. Through the program, he gained weight and learned good values.

Your partnership with Operation Blessing transforms not just lives but hearts of the children under the Bless-A-Child Program. With your donation, we share hope to undernourished children like Lance. Do you want to become a part of their transformation? Visit www.obphil.com/home/giving-catalog/ to know how you can partner with us.