Written By Eva Niña P. Sta. Ana, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

“I want them to experience things that I have never experienced before.”                                

Ginalen Bellauelo, 29, of Brgy. Alawihao, Camarines Norte has a heart full of big dreams for her children. She had it in her heart and mind that she will do her best to let her children experience the things she was deprived of when she was still young.


Ginalen smiles in the camera with her son, Joebert.

The memories of her and her sister peeking into their neighbor’s window just to be able to watch a TV program were  still vivid. She had endured not joining any competition at school because they lack in finances. They are deprived of toys because there was always something more important than toys.

Being a mother, Ginalen’s priority is not her needs anymore but of her children. Her everyday goal is to look after her kids and give them the best.

Side by side with Ginalen is her husband, Joebert, 28. He works as an on-call construction worker in Manila and he has to stay in the workplace.  Joebert just sends P4,000 ($87) to Ginalen every month for their house expense budget for food, bills and school needs.

With this financial condition, Ginalen cannot provide nutritious meals for their children.  She even had to compromise the budget for food to supply the school needs of her son, Joebert (named after her husband), 4 years old. Ginalen wanted Joebert to experience each and every school activities, not even one to be missed out. She believes that by letting him participate in all of the school activities will help him grown as a student and as a person. But it was really impossible for her to provide for all the needs including her children’s health needs. This is the reason why Joebert was diagnosed as an undernourished child. Joebert’s condition was found out accidentally.


Just after the laboratory exam, Joebert still manages to smile in the camera.

Ginalen shared that one day when they were walking to school, someone approached them and asked if she can weigh Joebert right there and then. It was found out that her son’s weight is very low for his age and he was suspected to be undernourished. It was in the free diagnostic laboratory and exam that Joebert was diagnosed as undernourished.

He was then referred to be one of Operation Blessing’s newest beneficiaries for its Bless-a-Child Project. He will undergo 10-months of nutritional feeding while Ginalen will attend training and seminars about health, education, livelihood, and values formation.

“Sobrang masaya ako para kay Joebert. Ang hiling ko lang naman para sa mga bata ay good health. Di bale ng maghirap basta walang sakit. Ayaw kong maranasan pa nila yung hirap na naranasan ko dati.”, (I am very happy for Joebert. My only wish is for my children to have a good health. I don’t mind being poor as long as we are all healthy and free of sickness. I don’t want them to experience the hardships that I have experienced before). Ginalen shares with Operation Blessing how grateful and thankful she is now that Joebert has the opportunity to restore his health and wellness. She is positively thinking that life will be different for her children.

Mothers surely know what’s best for their children. Ginalen knows that Joebert is in good hands with Operation Blessing’s Bless-a-Child Project. Things will be extra different for Joebert because of your help. Continue to support us with this kind of cause. Visit www.obphil.com or call us at 477-7806.