Written by Jemma S. Tañada, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Accidents often denote negative impressions to us. But Operation Blessing Philippines has seen many good accidental encounters that have caused change and transformation to the lives of our kababayans in different places in the country.


The hammok where Edmundo use to sit almost all day

One example is the story of Edmundo Domens. Edmundo was not a registered recipient of the free wheelchair mission of OB, in partnership with the Free Wheelchair Mission. The clueless 57-year-old was referred by one of OB’s church partners and he became the replacement of one prospect beneficiary, who turned out to be already owning a wheelchair.

Edmundo previously provided for his family by making and selling copra, or the dried meat of coconut used to extract coconut oil. But in 2009, a thorn in the field had pierced his left arm. He noticed the wound did not heal fast enough and only grew worse. After some time, he went to the hospital to have his wound checked but the results left no choice but to amputate his left arm. After recovering from the operation, he began to work again.

In 2015, he was again pierced by a thorn, this time in his right leg. After consulting the doctor, Edmundo then found out that he had diabetes. Again, the doctor decided to amputate his right leg.


Edmundo receives his wheelchair

These two incidents have handicapped Edmundo to work, leave the house, even take a bath on his own. His 58-year-old wife Elizabeth has been caring for him and providing their daily needs, including his medicines, through her small sari-sari store. Their children also contribute for his insulin intake. Edmundo used to have a wheelchair but it got broken and his family could no longer afford to buy him a new one.

Thanks to your support, Edmundo now has a new wheelchair! With the wheelchair, Edmundo is more mobile and his wife is able to care for him without having to carry him.

[Dios mabalos Operation Blessing!] Thank you so much Operation Blessing!, Edmundo and his wife tearfully said. His smile was an expression of joy and a renewed hope.

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