Felomina was born differently-abled, but ever since she was young she believed she could do anything she set her mind to. She did not let her condition stop her from trying to work and be a blessing to her family.

NO WALLS – Nothing can stop Felomina in providing for her family.

The 46-year old mother of 2 admits that, at times, her circumstances make life seem difficult. She doesn’t have a wheelchair of her own to help her get around. She has to rent one from a friend so she can earn a meager living by selling sampaguita flowers near the cathedral in her hometown. The wheelchair has lost its padding and has become so uncomfortable that Felomina has had to sit on a rug to ease the pain.

NOT HER OWN – Felomina just borrows a wheelchair from her friend.

Thankfully, Operation Blessing, in partnership with the Free Wheelchair Mission, conducted a mission in Batangas to provide the gift of mobility to the differently-abled people by providing free wheelchairs. And Felomina was one of those who received the brand new wheelchairs!

A GIFT NOW HER OWN – Felomina receives a wheelchair from Operation Blessing.

The day Felomina received her wheelchair, she shared that she immediately went to her friend to return that old one she used to rent. “The new wheelchair is beautiful! Thank you very much for this and I am excited to use this,” Felomina exclaimed.

ENTITLED – Felomina does not need to borrow any wheelchair anymore.

Today, she sits comfortably letting go of the worry of trying to find money to pay for an old beat down wheelchair and of not having a way to move around on her own.

IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU – Felomina enjoys her very own wheelchair.

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