Written and Photographed by Fred Deserva

Two-year-old Zuelyka has been suffering from rashes on her hands and feet for two weeks since Operation Blessing met her. Her grandmother, Elvira, hurts to see her granddaughter in discomfort and pain.

Grandma Elvira said they could not afford to buy the needed medicines for her granddaughter since they only depend on their pension every month.

“I am worried that her wounds would not heal,” Elvira said. “It has been two weeks now since and her wounds are getting worse. And it’s hard for me to see her crying.”

Then she heard about the medical mission that Operation Blessing will be held in their small barangay of Decoliat in Maria Aurora, Aurora Province. Operation Blessing’s volunteer doctors provided a free consultation to Grandma Elvira. Grandma Elvira said she understood well the consultation and she now knows the proper way in treating the wounds of Zuelyka.

Other than the consultation provided to Zuelyka, her grandparents also received medicines and free checkup. They also received free reading glasses.

“I thank the Lord for Operation Blessing and for bringing help to us. I trusted the advice of the doctor and the medicines they gave us,” Elvira said with a smile on her face.