This global pandemic is not just a medical phenomenon – as it severely challenges every individual to survive and thrive. This burden has made it even more difficult to those enduring a lifetime treatment like dialysis. Raul Policarpio, 52, has been undergoing this medical treatment for fourteen years. Aside from shortness of breath and tiredness, he has also lost his sight due to diabetes. Since then, he and his wife Lorna have to stop working as vegetable vendors in Brgy. Talipapa, Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City. “I have to go to hospital three times a week, but our situation now became more difficult as my children also lost their jobs due to lockdown,” shares Raul.

Raul, expressed a smiling face behind his mask while holding a food bag from Operation Blessing

But in the light of their challenging situation, Raul was able to continue his medications from the combined efforts of foundations in the hospital and government’s assistance. Another blessing that he and his wife testified is how this pandemic allowed them to hear the word of God through a Filipino missionary from South Korea who came back to the Philippines to undergo dialysis treatment, just like Raul. Lorna said that they are grateful for the prayers and teachings they receive from this missionary.

Dialysis patients receiving food bags

Raul [and wife Lorna] were among the 60 dialysis patients who received food bags containing a loaf of bread, mineral water, and canned goods. Hygiene kits and devotional & spiritual book, Our Daily Bread, were also given to each patient. “In behalf of my husband, we’re indeed thankful for the blessing that you have given to the dialysis patients, it brings joy knowing that there are individuals who genuinely care for us. Thank you so much!” Lorna exclaimed.

You can also bring joy to thousands of families in need during this critical time, DONATE NOW through Paypal ([email protected]) and GCash (Operation Blessing) or online fund transfer. For more details, contact 09399215543. – DSWD Solicitation Permit No.: DSWD-SB-SP-00029-2019 Nationwide