Glicerio Sonido, or Kuya Boy to many, was one of the many community members of Payatas in Quezon City whom Operation Blessing Philippines has helped in 1997.

In 1997,  Operation Blessing Philippines started its ministry in Payatas.  Kuya Boy was once a scavenger in the said place.

OB launched its first feeding program for undernourished children living in then the Manila’s biggest dumpsite, Payatas, in the same year,  through its Bless a Child (BAC) program. OB adopted families, taught livelihood skills, proper nutrition and sanitation to the parents, and helped them to become self-sustainable.

Here in this photo, which was taken in circa 1997, is Kuya Boy, his wife, Genia, and their daughter, Joan.

“I and my wife were once scavengers in Payatas. When Operation Blessing Philippines came, I was one of those who received pigs for a hog-raising as a sustainable livelihood project, which also helped me send my children to school and eventually graduate from college,” Kuya Boy said.

Through the hog raising project, Kuya Boy’s family was able to eat three times a day and no longer one meal for each day as they are used to,  after scavenging on the dumpsite.

Kuya Boy’s wife, Genia, carrying the pigs from Operation Blessing Philippines.

“We never expected how this hog-raising will help us live the life God wants for us to live,” with a big smile he continued, “Every time the pig gives birth, we gave some to our needy neighbors to help them. And every time they were able to sell the pigs that we entrusted to them, they gave us a portion of the sales. And because of that, we are helping each other to live a sustainable life.”

Kuya Boy with his family, twenty years after. His children are now professionals.

Kuya Boy, looking and pointing to the walls of their house, remembered how the livelihood project helped them build this house made of concrete.  The house was also extended to make room for an internet and computer shop for the students where they also get income from.

The house of Kuya Boy in Payatas, Quezon City is now made of concrete materials.

Kuya Boy (2nd from right) with Operation Blessing team in Payatas Dumpsite Area.

When they were able to save coins from the internet shop, they started the idea of saving them into small soda bottles instead of piggy banks. Kuya Boy and his wife brought the idea of this saving scheme to their church thinking of Operation Blessing Philippines as the recipient. A year after, they were able to raise 42 bottles of coins and donated them to Operation Blessing Philippines.

“We were once helped by people we do not know. Now we want to give back by also helping others,” said Kuya Boy, who was once a beneficiary but now a donor.

The bottles of coins that were donated by Kuya Boy with his church from Payatas Assemblies of God.

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