Operation Blessing Philippines | While the rest of the world was preparing for the New Year festivities last December 31, 2022, 41-year-old Adora and her family were dealing with an incident that cost them their house and belongings. They have been staying in an evacuation area with other fire victims for three months now.

The fire took almost everything they owned, including the raw materials and kitchen equipment she uses for her small breakfast food business. Since then, her husband became the sole breadwinner of the family. Although they had free housing, electricity, and water supply in the center, her husband’s earnings as a helper on the construction site are barely enough to feed the family.

Because of this, Adora opted not to get a dental check-up despite suffering from teeth sensitivity for a while now. Her condition had already been hindering her daily activities, but she could not afford to have her tooth extracted.

When she heard that there would be a medical mission in their area, she took the chance to have her condition checked. “It was a great help for us because we received a free check-up. We were given not only free tooth extraction but medicine as well,” Adora said.

But Operation Blessing Philippines brought them more than just medical assistance. Counselors were also present on site to comfort and help the victims cope with their situation. Adora testified how the counseling has, in some way, lifted a weight off their shoulders.

Adora recounted how the counseling comforted her: “We shouldn’t lose hope because God is there to help us.”

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