ILIGAN CITY–Rakima Azis, a single mom with 4 children, used to enjoy a good life before the war in Marawi City broke out last 2017. She used to sew and sell clothes in a market in Marawi, earning P3,000 to P5,000 a day—a big amount of money that she used to support her family’s needs.

Despite being a solo parent, Rakima managed to bring a comfortable life to her children. Sadly, all of these were destroyed because of the war. She regretted not bringing any of her family’s possessions when they left their home.

Rakima restarts her livelihood using her new electric sewing machine.

When they returned to Marawi, she had nothing. All her possessions and sources of living were lost in the war. Her status as a single mom all the more has made it difficult for her. Despite the unfortunate events in her life, Rakima remains hopeful that one day, she will be able to rebuild their lives, regain her source of income and raise her children comfortably.

To help Rakima restart a normal life after the war, Operation Blessing, in partnership with Makati Hope Christian School, gave Rakima an electric sewing machine, sewing starter kit, and fabrics, which she can now use to revive her business. For Rakima, this is an answered prayer.

Families in Marawi are still recovering. Your support is critical. Can you extend your hand to them?

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