Since birth, Aname Maturan has been diagnosed with untreated Bilateral CTEV, or rigid clubfoot.

From a very young age, this condition presented not only physical challenges for Aname, making standing and performing daily tasks difficult, but it also deeply impacted her emotionally due to bullying at school.

“Other children mimicked my walking, and I felt increasingly awkward when people stared at my feet,” she narrated.

This bullying severely affected Aname’s self-esteem, leading her to withdraw socially. She seldom mingles with people outside her immediate family and close friends, preferring the comfort and safety of her home.

Coming from a broken family of seven, with a mother working as a corn farmer in the province of Bukidnon, Aname took it upon herself to support her education by working as a stay-in helper. Despite not receiving a salary and only a modest allowance of ₱50.00 ($1) a day, Aname’s determination remained unbroken.

Through her employer, Aname discovered Tebow Cure Hospital’s project for clubfoot patients in partnership with Operation Blessing. Showing immense initiative, she secured her place as one of the 150 patients to receive aid from the project through the Ponseti method.

Aname’s journey through treatment was tough, especially when her mom hesitated about the surgery. But Aname stayed determined, telling her family she wanted her feet fixed to help them more.

Following a series of casting procedures, she was further endorsed for OB’s Life-Changing Surgery initiative to address the correction needed for her clubfoot. Supported by Operation Blessing staff acting as her guardian, Aname underwent successful surgery on her left foot on October 3, 2023.

After almost five months, Aname is on the path to recovery, eagerly awaiting the upcoming surgery for her right foot. Her determination to correct her condition and her positive outlook appear to be aiding in her recovery.

Aname expresses gratitude to everyone who played a part in providing her with access to free treatment and the support she needed, both for her surgery and her emotional and spiritual well-being. “I thank the Lord for this great opportunity. Now, I can do whatever I want. I can wear high heels. I can join proms and beauty contests. No one will bully me again, and I will feel normal,” Aname said.

This effort is in partnership with Tebow CURE Hospital and Our Lady of Victory Training Center, Inc. (OLVTC).

Your support can help Aname and others like her receive the necessary surgeries to lead a normal, fulfilling life. Choose to give today at Call 09399215543 or 09189067753 for more details.

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