Though Cresencia, 67, had never experienced the joys of marriage or motherhood, she found solace in living with her mother, two siblings, and their children.

Driven by her unwavering dedication to her family, Cresencia Galendez made a brave decision years ago. Setting foot on foreign soil, she ventured to Saudi Arabia and worked as a domestic helper for two years. In this selfless pursuit, Cresencia’s sacrifice and hard work provided much-needed financial support to her loved ones back home.

After her return from Saudi Arabia, Cresencia settled in Manila and worked as a household helper for eighteen years. However, circumstances changed, and she found herself without work in her later years.

As the days unfolded, life became a struggle for Cresencia. She had always been an independent woman, but her health started deteriorating, making her more reliant on others.

It was during this challenging time that Operation Blessing arrived in Garcia Hernandez, Bohol, her hometown, to conduct a Medical Brigade.

Cresencia saw this as an opportunity for a much-needed dental check-up. One of her biggest concerns was her teeth, which had been causing her great discomfort while eating.

Her desire to rid herself of all her lower teeth and acquire dentures seemed impossible, considering the financial barrier she faced. With extraction fees ranging from ₱700-₱800 ($12-$14) per tooth, she found herself unable to afford the necessary treatment.

Recognizing Cresencia’s need, the volunteer dentist at the Medical Brigade carried out the extraction with care and precision. This left Cresencia overjoyed with the relief she felt, knowing the weight that had burdened her for a long time had been removed.

Aside from the dental treatment, Cresencia was also touched by the genuine care and compassion shown by the volunteers and church partners. They took the time to pray for her and uplift her spirits.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she was also given a supply of free vitamins to help improve her overall health. “I felt truly blessed and overwhelmed with the kindness that had been shown to us today. It was a reminder for me that there are still people out there who genuinely care for others, even if we are strangers to them,” Cresencia said.

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