Written by Je De Asas, volunteer writer

Life was hard enough for Salome, 69, trying to make a living from ironing clothes. Her husband, Felipe, 73, earns by pushing a kariton and collecting plastic bottles to sell, while her children had already left home to start their own families. Little did she know that things would become even more challenging.

One day Salome suddenly lost feeling on one side of her body from the waist down while she was ironing clothes. Since then, she had not been able to walk properly without a cane. It incapacitated her so much that she was no longer able to work.

WITH A CANE – Salome cannot walk without a cane anymore

Unable to make a living in Manila anymore, she and her husband decided to move to Camalig where Felipe now collects firewood to sell for Php 100 a sack. Fortunately, a kind neighbor informed them of Operation Blessing’s medical mission in the area and Salome took the opportunity to get checked by a doctor. She slowly made her way to the consultation area, limping with her husband in tow.

WITH HER HUSBAND – Salome’s challenge was attended thru Operation Blessing’s Medical Mission

When asked what motivated her to stay strong all this time, Felipe and Salome said they were hoping that she would get better in time for their daughter’s wedding in December. Now with the Operation Blessing’s free consultation and medicine, she is sure to be able to attend. And not only that, the doctor advised her that if she consistently takes the medicine she was given, her condition would improve greatly.

As the couple walked away, the bag of medicine Salome needed, they found a new hope to continue staying strong through the challenges. #InpireChange with us! It’s not too late to make a difference and see more lives being transformed. Click here.