Marcelo Ventenilla, Jr., aged 55, started experiencing blurry vision in 2021. Initially, he thought he just needed eyeglasses and went to an optometrist for a refraction test. However, the optometrist suspected he might have a cataract.

An ophthalmologist confirmed his eye condition, and he was advised to undergo surgery.

During that time, however, his wife Nida also had an eye emergency that required immediate surgery.

“We can’t afford two surgeries because they are a bit costly. So, our doctor said my surgery can be done later. We prioritized Nida’s eye since a nerve had burst and there was clotting,” Marcelo shared.

Marcelo is the pastor of Hesed Christian Church in Calamba, Laguna, while Nida serves as a church staff. Their resources come solely from the church, making it challenging to save for Marcelo’s eye surgery. His blurring vision started affecting his daily life and duties in the church.

He couldn’t read his Bible or any materials needed for his sermons or Bible studies, so he always asked Nida to read for him when preparing his sermons. It reached a point where he couldn’t recognize faces anymore, and aside from difficulty seeing, he often experienced headaches. He admitted that at some point, he felt afraid of becoming blind, especially since his mother had a cataract that led to her blindness.

So, they began searching for agencies and organizations that could help them get Marcelo’s eyes treated. They found a glimmer of hope when they came across OB’s website and saw another pastor’s testimony on how OB’s Life-Changing Surgery Project had helped.

They sought OB’s help as well. Early on August, Marcelo and his wife arrived at Calamba Doctors Hospital for his cataract surgery.

Right after the surgery, Marcelo happily shared that his vision was restored!

“I can see your faces now, and I can read again,” he said, thanking OB’s team and partner doctor.

“I thank the Lord, and I am really thankful to Operation Blessing. Now, I can do my ministry with ease. I really appreciate your help.”

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