Kristine, like a typical child, loves playing in the field barefoot. Little did she know that too much exposure to dirt may cause the wound infection on her foot to last for almost six years. When she lived with her father in Davao, the only remedy her father gave was Guava leaves in cleaning her wounds. “My father is a farmer and we cannot afford such medication. Fortunately, when I took a vacation here with my aunt Madeline in Pilar, Bohol, we went to see a doctor, but it caused us a huge amount of money which is around 3,000-4,000 php (58.01- 77.43 USD),” Kristine narrated.

She has to endure the pain, bleeding, and itching from her scabies every night. “I just use a handkerchief and cry silently.” In the morning, when she attends her classes, she sometimes wears slippers but whenever she is required to wear her shoes, she will just endure the pain. “My favorite subject is English, I wanted to be a teacher. But this wound really affects me when I’m in pain, I am also ashamed if my classmates happen to see my wounded foot,” Kristine sighed.

“When Operation Blessing came for a medical mission here in Pilar, I said to myself that this is our chance to help Kristine with her scabies. We only resort to Guava leaves and the wounds are not healing. Now that I was taught on how to properly treat her scabies with a solution, received free ointment and cream, I feel so happy and blessed for my niece!” Kristine’s aunt Madeline exclaimed.

“Thank you and God bless Operation Blessing!” Kristine says gladly.

We cannot wait to see her stepping out without a trace of pain because Operation Blessing has come her way!


Children living in the mountainous area like Kristine are vulnerable during this time of coronavirus outbreak. Help them and make a difference in their lives by partnering with us!

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