For seven years, 55-year-old Walter Belleca has been suffering paralysis due to stroke. Though his condition did not hinder him from providing for his family, Walter sometimes feel discouraged and helpless about his situation.

Operation Blessing met Walter and his wife, Elvie, during its second day of Mobile Clinic in Calabanga, Camarines Sur. The staff, volunteers, and all the other patients witnessed how difficult it was for him to carry his right leg as he walked to the medical area.

“Walter’s condition could be lymphatic filariasis. His right foot was swollen and infected with wounds, making it harder for him to move around,” said Operation Blessing volunteer, Dr. Jen Erandio.

Antibiotics and ointment were given to him for his wounds, together with vitamins and hypertension medicines. Dr. Jen also recommended Walter for medical tests to check for specific diagnosis and proper treatment.

With this, Walter, who is a school utility personnel for more than 20 years now, was given the motivation to help himself more and improve his lifestyle.

“I am grateful for the free services provided by Operation Blessing. The counseling, medical checkup, and free medicines are so much more than what I really came for today. Thank you very much!” Walter said.

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