In recent years, Alice Dela Cruz had been facing a personal challenge. Warts had begun appearing on her face and neck when she turned 57, and over time, they had spread, causing her discomfort. Although the warts were not painful, they felt rough to the touch, and Alice yearned to have them removed. Unfortunately, the cost of treatment exceeded their modest means, making it unobtainable.

Alice, now 60 years old, lives a simple and contented life in Barangay Lolomboy in Bocaue, Bulacan. She is a devoted mother to her only child, Marinel, and had always strived to provide a loving home for her family.

Operation Blessing’s Mobile Clinic arrived in their barangay to bring hope and healing to the community. Alice, eagerly offered her assistance to their church, fully embracing its role as a partner in the mission. Little did she know that this selfless act of service would unfold as an answered prayer.

During the Mobile Clinic, Alice’s warts caught the compassionate eye of OB’s volunteer doctor. Motivated to help her, the doctor kindly offered to remove the warts at no cost. Filled with gratitude, Alice became the first patient to receive medical attention that day.

As the doctor carefully removed each wart, Alice endured the brief discomfort. After a few minutes, the procedure was complete, and Alice was relieved to discover that she was finally free from the physical burden she had carried for years.

Not only did the mission address Alice’s concerns about her warts, but it also provided much-needed medical care for other ailments. Alice’s husband, a hardworking painter, frequently suffered from coughing due to the nature of his job. He, too, received a medical check-up and was provided with the necessary medications. Additionally, Alice was grateful to be given medicines for her asthma, which had been a recurring challenge in her life.

Throughout the mission, Alice tirelessly served as one of the church workers, diligently assisting the medical team and offering comfort to the patients. She prayed for them and shared the message of God’s unwavering love.

“This is a mission to remember. I am grateful to be a part of this Mobile Clinic activity. Thank you very much, Operation Blessing!”

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