Dolores Santarin recently faced a life-changing challenge. She was diagnosed with subacute cerebrovascular disease infarct, a condition that required her to take daily maintenance medication. Despite diligently following her treatment plan, unforeseen circumstances led to a sudden stroke in June 2023.

On that day, the 72-year-old resident from Caloocan had been watching her favorite show when the extreme heat took its toll. She woke up in distress and immediately called her eldest grandson, Ian, for help.

Ian, who has been actively involved with Operation Blessing as a volunteer photographer, recognized the urgency of the situation.

Upon reaching his grandmother, Ian noticed her face drooping and her arms weakening. He quickly checked her blood pressure, which was alarmingly high at 180/150. Drawing from his exposure to medical missions, Ian suspected that Dolores was experiencing a stroke.

Dolores spent more than two weeks in the hospital, during which time she was fitted with a nasogastric tube. Despite these obstacles, Dolores’ determination and her family’s unwavering support prevailed. With perseverance, Dolores began taking her medication and adapted to a normal diet.

Not missing the opportunity to help its volunteer, Operation Blessing’s Medical Assistance team also provided Dolores with essential support, including a 2D echo laboratory examination, medicines, groceries, and a wheelchair.


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