Written By Femina Laya Canua, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippine

Meet Romulo Ayes, the 56-year-old family driver of JAC Liner, Inc.’s owner Mr. Jaime and Mrs. Aida Chua. He registered to the JAC Liner – Operation Blessing Philippines medical mission for a checkup because of his irregular sleeping pattern. While waiting for his turn inside the newest mobile clinic, Romulo openly shared his life to Operation Blessing.

For four years now, Romulo is having a hard time enduring his unstable sleeping pattern. He admitted that he was into energy drinks so much back then that he would not be sleepy for two nights, especially during long travels.

However, Romulo shared that, although he does not have enough sleep, his driving record for almost 30 years remains with zero accident. But he still noticed some differences with his actions. He cannot forget the day when he was driving back to Manila from Baguio. He was supposed to go to Visayas Avenue in Quezon City, but due to lack of sleep, his mind goes blank and suddenly they were in Luzon Avenue.

These incidents were not new for him. However, when asked why he perseveres in work despite the nature of it, Romulo paused for a while and wiped his eyes. Romulo seldom sees his four daughters and his wife who are living in Pampanga. He usually stays in terminals to monitor the operations of the drivers. He is also the bus company’s instructor for new drivers.

Romulo shared that all his daughters are scholars of Mr. and Mrs. Chua. When not driving for the owners, he roves around along their bus company’s routes to check for reckless drivers. He can only see his family when he roams along Pampanga.

He also told Operation Blessing that all his effort and pain in work were all paid off knowing that his children are also persevering in their studies. One of her daughters is graduating this year, the other two are in college, while the youngest is still in high school. His wife is a home keeper.

After his checkup inside the mobile clinic, the volunteer doctors confirmed that his irregular sleeping pattern was due to his intakes of energy drinks. He was prescribed to take vitamins to better his health and was asked to reduce until he stops smoking.

Romulo is thankful to the partnership of JAC Liner and Operation Blessing Philippines for the first-ever medical, dental, and optical mission that served firstly the bus company’s employees and their families. This is also his first time to have a checkup since his childhood.

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