Despite facing financial challenges, Cyra San Gabriel harbored dreams of pursuing a college education. Her journey, however, was far from easy, and she contemplated abandoning her dreams. Little did she know that a big blessing was about to emerge through a scholarship from the Back-To-School Project of Operation Blessing, in partnership with the Orphan’s Promise.

Tragedy struck Cyra’s family when her father lost his battle to cancer in 2014, leaving her mother to single-handedly manage their motorcycle parts shop.

As the middle child among three siblings, Cyra witnessed the sacrifices her mother and eldest brother, a seaman and working student, made to support their family. It was during these challenging times that Cyra’s resolve was put to the test.

The timely intervention of Operation Blessing changed the trajectory of Cyra’s life.

With its assistance, she was able to enroll in college and pursue a bachelor’s degree. However, the scholarship not only eased the burden of educational expenses but also ignited a newfound sense of purpose within her.

“What once seemed like a fallback option [BS Education] now became a calling I embraced wholeheartedly.” Cyra realized that everything was falling into place, guided by a divine plan that was larger than her own dreams.

“Through Operation Blessing’s partnership with our church, I also experienced a deeper connection to my faith and a strengthened commitment to serve God,” Cyra said.

Active participation in their church’s ministries allowed Cyra to not only grow spiritually but also become more involved in making a positive impact on the lives of others.

“Operation Blessing’s support was really holistic. Aside from covering our tuition fees and providing us with a monthly allowance, it also helped reveal a greater purpose in my life that is aligned with the Lord’s plans.”

With her newfound perspective, Cyra is determined to become a beacon of inspiration as she steps into the teaching profession, empowering young minds and nurturing a love for science.

From a place of hardship and uncertainty, Cyra emerged triumphant, driven by determination and supported by YOUR desire to empower individuals like her. If you want to continue showing your support to our Back-To-School scholars, please give at For inquiries, contact 09399215543 or 09189067753.

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