Written by Jerryca Marie Dolon, CBN Asia writer

Triplets Andrew, Bryan, and Christian went viral last year on social media because of their health condition. Short term help came from different people to support their medical needs.

The first photo of the triplets posted by Val Matubang on his Facebook account

On the same year, Operation Blessing (OB) went to Brgy. Alawihao, Daet, Camarines Norte in search for the triplets. When OB saw them, they were suffering from severe malnutrition and delayed growth. And at age 1 and 7 months, they were still not able to walk or even stand on their own.

The first encounter of Operation Blessing with the triplets in Daet, Camarines Norte in 2016.

Their mother, Irene, is a housewife tending to their needs and to her other three children. Their father, Rey, does not have a stable source of income.

The triplets became part of the Bless-A-Child (BAC) program and undergone 10-months of feeding. Aside from the feeding program, the children were also provided with regular medical check-ups and medicines.

Brian, Andrew, Christian can now walk, run and play.

The parents were also given free seminars and trainings to learn how to be involved in their children’s health and education. Moreover, Irene sells homemade dishwashing and laundry soap and fabric conditioner to earn money through their group livelihood project. It is a part of BAC program to help the parents learn how to earn and save money.

The triplets during the exit check-up of OB.

During the exit interview, Irene testified the changes not just with the children’s health but also in their family’s overall condition. The triplets, now at age 2 and 4 months, became healthy and have grown to be normal toddlers who can now walk, run and play.

Through the help of the Operation Blessing’s local partners, Rey now has a regular job in a construction company.

“If nobody came to help us, maybe they are still malnourished and they will never grow healthy,” Irene shared.

Like the triplets, our partnership with Operation Blessing Philippines means an opportunity to transform lives. Your donation goes a long way in helping the undernourished children in different communities.