Written by Jemma S. Tañada, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines


Nanay Ofelia with her rod that serves as her guide.

Her rod and ears are her only guide every time she goes from place to place. Teodora Desuyo, 82, serves just the same to her husband who like her can barely hear, see and even walk.  They may hardly understand each other due to old age, but their love for each other ties them together.

Teodora and her husband, Constancio, also 82, happily live in their humble home in Barangay Bayan-bayanan, Dinalupihan, Bataan. They have five children who are all now married. Her youngest daughter, Remia, supports them by paying their monthly electric bill; the others support them financially when they ask them personally. “I understand [my children] because they now have their own share of responsibilities,” Ofelia humbly stated.

In spite of old age, the Desuyo couple works together to provide for their needs. Ofelia and Constancio sell coconut and make raffia broom. Ofelia with her rod that constantly serves as her navigator—delivers their goods every time an order is made.

During the height of the monsoon rains, Teodora’s stomach was hurting and she had no idea what causes her discomfort. Because earnings is not enough to support their daily needs and the hospital is far from their house, she was not able to consult a doctor. She just endured the pain.

Thankfully, during the Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines’ (OB) disaster response, in partnership with JAC Liner Inc., Ofelia received free medical check up. An OB doctor advised her about the food she needs to eat and what are to avoid, for her not to experience severe stomach pain again. Ofelia also received free medicine and relief goods.


Photo during Nanay Ofelia’s medical check-up with Operation Blessing’s doctor.

Ofelia is back on her daily routine without worrying about the pain in her stomach.

Together we can continue to extend quality healthcare to our kababayans especially to the elderly who are inevitably affected by disasters.

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