Ignacio Oclarit embraced the agricultural way of life from an early age, dedicating his efforts to sustain his humble existence. He is a dedicated farmer of coconut, rice, and bananas in the town of Garcia Hernandez, Bohol, and has spent more than 50 years toiling the land and nurturing his crops.

Ignacio’s life has not always been easy. Sadly, his beloved wife passed away at a young age, and they were not blessed with children. Now in his late 60s, Ignacio lives with his brother and his family, who provide him with support and companionship.

On a harvest day that would be etched in his memory, Ignacio’s trusted bolo slipped from his grasp, accidentally cutting through his foot and inflicting a serious wound.

In a stroke of providence, Operation Blessing’s Healthcare team happened to be conducting a Medical Brigade in a neighboring town. A caring neighbor who witnessed the incident immediately brought Ignacio to the site, where he received prompt medical attention from one of the team’s doctors. The wound on his foot was carefully sutured, providing him with the relief he desperately needed.

After the treatment, Ignacio was glad, as he shared about the medical assistance provided to him. “I am not dizzy or in excessive pain at all,” he said, all smiles.

The expert care provided by the Operation Blessing team not only addressed Ignacio’s physical needs but also alleviated his concerns and worries.

Ignacio couldn’t help but express his gratitude for the timely arrival of the Operation Blessing team. Without their presence, he would have faced the risk of excessive blood loss, as the next available option for treatment was hours away.

“I am very thankful, first, to God, because He allowed this to happen while Operation Blessing is in our municipality. Second, I thank the doctor who treated me and spared me from potential complications. It was like I was given a second chance to live.”

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