Written by Jemma S. Tañada, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

  1-DSC_0279“[Salamat, thank you po! Malaking tulong ito. Hindi na ako mahihirapan mag benta ng kandila at hihingalin dahil may wheelchair na ako!] Thank you, thank you! This is a big help for me. It will be much easier for me to sell candles and I won’t get tired easily because I now have a wheelchair!” Roque Guantero, exclaimed with joy.

Forty-year-old Roque is one of the recipients of the wheelchair distribution of Operation Blessing, in partnership with the Free Wheelchair Mission. He was born without arms nor a right lower limb.

Since his mother died 23 years ago, Roque stopped attending school and lived with his eldest brother’s family in Barangay Salog, Sorsogon City. However, the inadequate income of his brother’s family was only enough for them and Roque’s needs were not given priority.

To provide for himself, Roque has been selling candles around their town’s cathedral for 10 years now, earning Php 100 ($2.13) a day. Every day, Roque would literally leap with his left leg as he went from one place to another. Though this constrained mobility caused him to tire easily his perseverance and diligence drove him to support his daily needs. His 1-DSC_0283condition, however, is limited as he could not go to places other than around the cathedral.

The moment Roque sat on the wheelchair from Operation Blessing, gratitude and joy beamed through his eyes. Now he can conveniently go to more places to sell candles with his wheelchair without getting exhausted.

“[Maraming salamat Operation Blessing! Pagsisikapan kong aralin ito, para macontrol ko mag-isa itong wheelchair.] Thank you Operation Blessing! I’ll do my best to learn how to control this wheelchair by myself, Roque added with a smile.

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