Imagine a child, born into a humble home at Sitio Malikongkong, in Marilog District, Davao City, his family’s love and dedication their only possessions of worth.

Jun, the firstborn of his parents, Joel and Lorena, came from a loving yet impoverished family.

His father, Joel, worked tirelessly to make ends meet by cultivating vegetables such as pechay, squash, and tomatoes, which he would sell in their community.

At just three years old, Jun faced a challenge that set him apart from his peers: he was born with a cleft lip.

“Despite his disability, Jun has a unique way to articulate his thoughts and feelings, expressing himself whenever something catches his attention,” Joel explained.

His parents admired his bravery and were grateful that in their tight-knit community, children were raised with acceptance, avoiding any form of bullying that Jun may have faced otherwise.

Although the Guloman family lived a considerable distance from the nearest hospital, their lives took a remarkable turn when they became beneficiaries of the Kalayag Child Care and Youth Community Center, Inc. Through this organization, Jun was referred to Operation Blessing’s Life-Changing Surgery, a project dedicated to providing medical care for individuals with conditions that could be corrected through surgical intervention.

Filled with hope and anticipation, Jun and his parents eagerly awaited the day they would meet the staff of Operation Blessing. However, Jun’s consistent bouts of pneumonia caused several delays, necessitating a total of five hospital visits before he was finally granted clearance for the surgery that would change his life forever.

In the days leading up to the operation, Jun’s excitement was palpable. He enthusiastically expressed his desire to have a smile just like his father and younger brother, Jeffrey, who had been spared from the condition.

When the day finally came, Joel’s heart brimmed with joy as he saw his son emerge from the operating room, his smile forever transformed.

“I am very happy that Jun can now live a normal childhood life. Thank you, Operation Blessing!”

Beyond medical assistance, Operation Blessing became a source of direction and hope.

The Gulomans, being indigenous people, had reservations about entering the city. However, the steadfast commitment and support of Operation Blessing not only provided them with medical care but also opened doors to new experiences.

“I thank the Lord and the people who helped my son get the surgery he needs, as well as the opportunity to be introduced to God’s Word, which gives us hope!”

Jun’s journey from a distant village to a hospital operating room was made possible because YOU stepped in to help. Thank you, our dear partners!

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