Written by Lily Mae G. Quilbio, Visayas Children Coordinator


Grandma Gemma with her granddaughter Princess

Grandma Gemma thinks of a better future for her family. Like most families in Eastern Samar, her dream is for her children to be successful in life.

Every morning, Grandma Gemma and her family think of ways to survive the day. Her husband, Rey, works double time as a barangay councilor and a vegetable farmer. He earns PhP167 ($4) a day. Gemma helps by cooking and selling meals in the community. One of their children, Rex, who is also a farmer, is pitching in to help out.

Gemma took the responsibility for her two grandchildren, 4-year-old Princess and 1-year-old Qencie, as their father cannot sustain their needs by selling kakanin [native delicacies].

Because of their situation, Princess became unhealthy and sickly. She is also small for her age. Almost every month, Grandma Gemma brings Princess to the hospital because of her Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) disease. The little girl also suffers from a 3rd-degree malnutrition.


Princess, after 10 months of feeding, is now a very healthy and active child.

When Operation Blessing learned of their situation, Princess was enrolled to its Bless-A-Child program. Her guardian was also involved in biblical parenting, health education, livelihood, and values formation seminars.

After ten months of providing nutritional food and health checkup, Princess is now 19 kgs. She has improved a lot and regained her health quickly. She was just 12.5 kgs when she became part of BAC Program.  From a sickly child, Princess is now a healthy and active kid in school. Last March 2016, she was awarded as first honor during the recognition day at the day care center. A livelihood project was also turned over to her guardian to help in their finances.

“[Now], we do not worry about our daily needs because we have a livelihood that sustains us every day,” a teary-eyed Grandma Gemma exclaimed.

“[I am] so blessed with Operation Blessing! God sent you here to us, during the time that we were in need.  You changed me through the changes I saw in my granddaughter,” said Grandma Gemma who also saw the changes in their lives after becoming active in the program.

Thank you, partners and donors, for your heart for the children! Help us reach more children and together let us fight against malnutrition from all over the country. For your donations, please go here or call us at 47-78-06.