Written By Femina Laya Canua, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Everyone is fond of Jowie because he is on the go – anytime, anywhere.

Jowie Sitjar, 32, did not foresee that, after his dark past, one day he will love mission works and will spend all his life in reaching out to other people. He has been volunteering in Operation Blessing for three years now.

Jowie, as a teenager, tried to find happiness, contentment and acceptance in many things, including his friends. The weight of peer pressure was so much that it came to the point that he did everything, even if it cost him his life.

While in high school, he joined the track-and-field varsity team. He was also able to join numerous contests such as the Palarong Pambansa, where he gets money as allowance. His family does not know that the money he used to get from being part of the athletics team was used for the vices of his friends such as drinking and smoking. But when his coach knew about this, he was terminated in his supposed to be the last contest in high school before graduating.

Though Jowie is stubborn outside the house, he admitted that he is soft-hearted with his family. After high school, he worked at the market as a porter to help his parents with some of their expenses. But still, with the influence of peers, Jowie was urged to use his running ability to steal or snatch things from people to get more money.

For four years, Jowie was deceived with the wrong happiness. Even his family did not know that the money he used to give them was from stealing. Until one day, a friend invited Jowie in a small group where he first heard of the Gospel. Since then, his family saw the changes in Jowie’s life. Years later, Jowie became a testimony to his family.

In 2007, he stopped stealing and graduated from Technical Education and Skills Development Authority with a short course in practical electricity. He also got involved in a church in Caloocan.

When super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) struck the country in 2013, Jowie was invited to volunteer with his friends in Operation Blessing. Until now, Jowie lends his time with OB whenever he is available.

Today, Jowie is a Missionary Pastor of their church in Quezon City and is active into joining Christian non-government organizations.

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