Such is the case of 75-year-old Manuel Montecarlo, one of our patients from Medical Brigade Masbate, whose jaw was dislocated about a month ago.ย 

โ€œIt was just a normal day. I just yawned like I normally do. Then I felt a click on my jaw area. It was painful!โ€ Manuel shared to our volunteer doctor. It was at that moment when his jaw moved.ย 

It had been painful to even talk or eat. It has also muffled his speech. He went to a quack therapist/hilotย to try to get it fixed, but it wasnโ€™t fully fixed. However, after that attempt, Manuel already can eat.ย 

Our volunteer dentist also tried to put it back. But, โ€œSince itโ€™s been quite some time already, the muscle is now too tough to move.โ€ย 

Manuel was still all smiles and happy to settle with his dislocated jaw. He didnโ€™t go home empty-handed, though! He was given medicine for hypertension, a Bible, and hygiene kit.ย 

Our medical team travelled for almost two days by land and sea to serve this far flung community in Masbate with medical care. Itโ€™s all worth it! This is the heart of Operation Blessing.ย 

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